6th grade

Burgundy Team (ext. 1585) Orange Team (ext. 1582)
Ms. Blaine
Mr. Chini

Ms. Farley
Ms. Gandy
Ms. Kraybill
Ms. Kupcinski
Mr. Rupp
Ms. Spengler
Ms. Urso
Ms. Vandenberg
Ms. Welch
Ms. Morris*
Ms. Fairchild**

Ms. Berry
Mr. Farley
Mr. Medica
Ms. Monteforte
Ms. Notaro
Ms. Riis
Ms. Morris*
Ms. Fairchild**

* - denotes Writing Coach
** - denotes Technology Integration Teacher

7th grade
Green Team (ext. 1584) Purple Team (ext. 1581) Silver Team (ext. 1583)

Ms. Albert
Ms. Marcus-Barth
Mr. Rios
Mr. Zompa
Mr. Baronowitz*
Ms. Cassidy**

Ms. Gibson
Ms. Heim

Mr. Mosetti
Ms. Pancoast
Ms. Talvacchia
Ms. Taylor
Mr. Thoms
Mr. Baronowitz*
Mr. Costello**

Mr. Armstrong
Ms. Bready

Ms. Flesch
Ms. Fessman
Ms. Fuller
Ms. Sutley
Mr. Swan
Mr. Baronowitz*
Mr. Puggi**

* - denotes Writing Coach
** - denotes Technology Integration Teacher

8th grade
Blue Team (ext. 1586) Gold Team (ext. 1580) Red Team (ext. 1587)

Ms. Burd

Ms. Lumpkins
Ms. Shutz
Ms. Szypula
Ms. Cassidy**

Ms. Anzalone
Ms. Krier

Ms. Howarth
Mrs. Mosetti
Ms. McLaughlin
Mr. Spengler
Ms. Stevenson
Mr. Costello**

Ms. Fixler

Ms. Leo
Ms. Mattingly
Mr. McAlister

Ms. Peranteau
Ms. Williams
Mr. Puggi**

* - denotes Writing Coach
** - denotes Technology Integration Teacher

Algebra and Pre-Algebra Sixth Grade Gifted and Talented
Ms. Latshaw (ext. 5544)
     Mr. Warner  (ext. 5424)

ELL and Speech
Mr. Hirschlein (ext. 5552)
Ms. Nammour (ext. 1577)

Mr. Goodwin (ext. 5084)
      Lang. Arts
        Ms. Carey  (ext. 5347)    

Art Media Center
Ms. Costino (ext. 5551)
Ms. Lenko (ext. 1590)
Ms. Rontos

Technology Integration
Ms. Cassidy (ext. 5616)
Mr. Costello (ext. 5378)
Mr. Guerrasio (ext. 5126)
Ms. Fairchild (ext. 5345)
Mr. Kadetsky
(ext. 1560)
Mr. Puggi (ext. 5506)
Ms. Moore
(ext. 5324)
Health and PE World Language
Mr. Baldi (ext. 1540)
Mr. Errickson (ext. 1540)
Señora Dilks (ext. 5382)
Mr. Goodwin (ext. 1540)
Señora Nadel (ext. 5430)
Ms. Nolan (ext. 1541)
Señora Orrego

(ext. 5627)
Ms. Williams (ext. 1541)

Industrial Technology French
Madame Baird
(ext. 5466)
Mr. Handel (ext. 5664)
Ms. Howell (ext. 5749)

Ms. Schenk
(ext. 1520)
Ms. Pappas
(ext. 1522)
Ms. Poupard
(ext. 1521)
Servicing: Servicing: Servicing:
7th Grade 6th Grade 8th Grade
Ms. Adams
(ext. 1574)
Student Assistance Counselor